AMS 358 Mechanical striking wall clock

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AMS Clocks UK
Modern style but traditionally built.
Mechanical wall clock with 8 day running passing bell chime giving a single ‘ting’ on the passing of each hour.
Chrome finish.
22 x 10cm approx
Pendulum length 40cm

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Mechanical clock. The weights start at the top and drop down over the week.

Pull the other end of the chain to wind the weights back to the top. You can wind it more often if you have a table or obstruction under the clock.

The pendulum swings left / right. To stop the clock you stop the pendulum.

A bell strikes the hours and once at half past. It has a silent lever. You can turn off the chime if required

The dial size is approximately 22cm Diam,. by 10cm deep. With weights /pendulum added the length is increased by another 30cm approx.